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We produce the best Shimla Apples at Top Quality Orchards. Located at Kotgarh in Shimla district the area is the apple bowl of India. We solicit inquiry for purchase of apple, almonds, cherries and pears,

About Us


Top Quality Orchards is a family owned and operated apple orchard now in it’s fourth generation. Started back in 1943 by Mr. BR Bhalaik, Top Quality Orchards is now celebrating 70 years of fruitful harvest.

Located at the famous Kotgarh valley of Himachal Pradesh we are located 80 km from the state capital Shimla. Kotgarh is the place where the apple farming started in the state in earlier 20th century. We currently grow pears, almonds, cherries, and apples.

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What we Grow

Shimla Apple Here at Top Quality Orchards we grow a variety of delicious fruits for you to enjoy. This page will give you a good idea of what it is that we grow and when you can expect it to be ready for harvesting. We grow peaches, almonds, cherries, plums and apples. Please keep in mind that we have no control over Mother Nature and these dates can change.

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shimla apple in kotgarhWe solicit inquiry from individual and corporate buyers for supply of apples, pears, almonds and cherries as per season. The produce will be supplied in bulk. You are most welcome to visit our orchards and pluck your own fruit. For corporate buyers we can supply fruit in bulk.

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